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Who We Are

A Group of Creative individuals determined to revolutionize modern architecture with innovation. We believe that our unique design approach can contribute more than just function. We utilize modular building solutions to provide the fastest, most cost-efficient, and eco-friendly materials.

We cater to every Filipino that values creativity and efficiency in building fully-customizable structures such as schoolhouses, dormitories, retail shops, restaurants, and health facilities.


MySolidtech is the mother company of My|House. Like all the brands under it, we pride ourselves on offering the latest technological solutions that can serve better products.


My|House respects the Filipino creative. We believe that behind every structure built is an architectural genius. My|House accepts collaboratives to eventually build a community of Artists, a conduit for collective growth to help inspire and thrust Future Filipino builders.



To support sustainable community lifestyle for Filipinos in education, livelihood, and other institutional needs.


To be the leading provider of state-of-the-art Modular Building Technology and to deliver fast and affordable structures for schools, housing, disaster shelters, and other commercial applications.

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